Why the world’s top coin trader is betting against bitcoin

The world’s largest coin trader has revealed that he is now betting against the cryptocurrency.

Coin Trader Inc. announced on Wednesday that it has sold out of the coin traders digital coin trading service CoinMarketCap, the largest bitcoin exchange in the world.

The news was greeted with scepticism by bitcoin advocates and commentators.

“Coin Trader is not a real bitcoin trading service, they are a fake one,” wrote Bitcoin blogger Matt Corallo.

“You know what they say about being the best and most trusted bitcoin exchange.

They do not stand behind their product, they stand behind the coin.””

If they can get away with lying about their coin trading services, they should have no problem lying about bitcoin,” he added.”

It’s time to wake up, people.

The day is coming.”

Coin Trader said that it sold its trading software in January 2016 and launched CoinTrader in February 2017.

The company’s website shows that its stock traded at a low of $1.09 a share on February 19.

That day it had sold out in under three minutes.

Coin Trader is now down to $2.16, according to CoinDesk.

“I was extremely surprised to find out the coin trading market is down to less than 2 cents per share.

I would have never expected that,” Coin Trader founder and CEO Matt Corbett told CoinDesk in a statement.”

That’s a huge disappointment for the crypto community.

CoinTraders is an important service for crypto traders, but I believe the real problem is the dishonest coin traders,” he said.”

They are also lying about what they are doing, claiming they are working to create a decentralized exchange and making false claims about the value of their services. “

They have made no public statement on the subject.

A CoinTrading spokesperson said: “We are disappointed to see the cointrader marketplace crash to below 2 cents a share today. “

If they continue to ignore this, they will find themselves out of business and facing legal action.”

“We will continue to monitor CoinTrades website and other services for any sign of fraudulent activity. “

“At this point we have been unable to find any evidence that CoinTraders coin trading is fraudulent.””

The CoinTraded service is available in both the US and Canada.”

At this point we have been unable to find any evidence that CoinTraders coin trading is fraudulent.”

The CoinTraded service is available in both the US and Canada.

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