When will ripple coin become a mainstream cryptocurrency?

The ripple coin project has been making headlines lately thanks to its growing popularity as a cryptocurrency alternative.

But with this week’s launch of its new exchange, the ripple community has found itself in a strange position as its creator, developer, and CEO is no longer associated with the project.

The ripple coin exchange is now managed by the same person who was in charge of the project before he was replaced as the company’s CEO in July.

This means that the ripple project now has to rely on its own developer and maintain its own roadmap for a number of different projects.

In addition, the exchange will now only be available to investors, not users.

In a statement released on Wednesday, ripple developer Adam Sirota said he had been working on the exchange since early August and was “working to bring it up to date” with its community.

“I’m very excited about what we’ve accomplished so far,” he said.

“The ripple team has been super responsive to our community requests and we’re excited to continue our collaboration with the community.”

However, the fact that the Ripple team is no more associated with Ripple is a strange situation that will likely lead to a number more people leaving the project in the coming weeks.

Sirota has been working closely with the Ripple developers and other stakeholders in an attempt to make the project work for the future, and his new role may make it easier for other projects to follow suit.

However, this is not a positive development for ripple and other crypto-currencies.

While this is a very bad news for the ripple coin community, the situation could be positive if ripple is able to get some new members into the fold.

If Ripple is able find new investors and is able get the community on board with the idea of an exchange that can help new projects succeed, the community may have another chance to succeed as well.

The most important thing to remember with ripple coin is that it is a community project.

It’s been around for some time and it has a strong base of users.

If ripple coins community does not become more engaged with the coin, it may just be a one-hit wonder.

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