When PoEcoin goes from 1-million coins to $10,000

Perandus Coin has announced it will become the first Bitcoin-based currency trading platform.

The company says it will trade coins between 1- million coins, making it the first cryptocurrency trading platform in the world.

Perandus Coins is the third cryptocurrency trading company to launch this year.

It’s based in the Netherlands and is also the only trading platform to feature trading on its platform for Litecoin and Dogecoin.

The company is a member of Coinmarketcap and Coinmarket.it, and it was also one of the first to accept bitcoin payments.

CoinMarketcap has listed Peranduses Coin as the fourth most popular cryptocurrency trading service on its market, with $1.4 billion in market cap.

In total, PerandUS Coin is the second largest cryptocurrency trading website.

Perands Coin has also become a major cryptocurrency investor.

The platform has raised over $1 million in venture capital, according to Coinmarket, and its CEO has been an investor in the digital currency industry since its inception in 2012.

Perandous Coin also announced the launch of Perandas Coin, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that will allow traders to trade cryptocurrencies with other investors and hedge funds.

Perandans Coin will be the first exchange-based ETF for cryptocurrency traders.

Peranda is based in Amsterdam and the company says the company’s goal is to create a cryptocurrency exchange that is open to all cryptocurrency investors.

The Perandase Coin Exchange will be launched in the coming weeks, and the trading platform will have an initial trading volume of between 1 million and 1.5 million coins per day, according a release.

The trading platform, which has been running since April, will be powered by Perandares Coin and will allow users to trade with anyone in the Perandanse coin ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency industry is already full of high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges, like Poloniex and Kraken, and Perandaus Coin aims to be the largest and most active.

The trading platform has been used by many top traders on both exchanges and hedge fund managers, and now it’s also coming to the world of cryptocurrency trading.

It is one of many companies in the cryptocurrency industry that are expanding their trading platforms to handle cryptocurrency, according the release.

The new Perandasis Coin platform will be one of Perandous’ main selling points.

Perandoas Coin is currently the largest trading platform for Ethereum, which is a cryptocurrency with a low price-to-earnings ratio.

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