Silver Trade Coin Club backoffice hires full-time staffer for the office

In December, a new trade coin group, Silver Trade Club, was founded by an anonymous buyer who had been looking for a trade coin store.

The group, which is now open for business, is run by two people who have no connection to any trading coin organization.

They said they’re looking for the following: * A person with a passion for the coin industry who can help us find a good place for the trade coin industry.

* A professional photographer who can take photos of the new office space for us.

* An accountant to work out the details of how the business is going to operate.

* Someone with an ability to create an effective marketing campaign.

The goal is to find a trade club with an audience, who can get us noticed in the coin community.

It’s not about what we sell, but what we make.

Silver Trade is an independent business that sells coins and silver bullion.

We want to bring attention to the coin trade and bring it into the mainstream.

“This is our mission.

This is how we make our money,” said Jose Luis Valdes, the group’s founder and managing director.

The organization’s current goal is “to be one of the largest trade clubs in the world.”

The group will be headquartered in El Salvador and run a few offices in El Paso, Texas and Panama City, Panama.

Valdes said he wants to build a new business in El Salvador, the former Spanish colony that is the second-largest country in the Americas, after the United States.

He also wants to work with local governments to help spread the trade culture in El Parque de los Muertos, a town in El Serta, a city about 40 miles south of San Salvador.

“There is a lot of tourism coming from El Salvador.

It is not the place for a shop that sells silver bullions, or for a business that produces coin-related goods,” Valdes explained.

“So, it is a perfect place for us.”

The current staff includes two people in their twenties and one in his 20s.

The two new members are both from the Latin American and Caribbean communities, Valdes told HuffPost.

“They are very professional, very intelligent, very well-educated,” he said.

They have the passion, they can talk to us, they’re very well connected.” “

These two young people will be very valuable for us because they have been in the industry for years.

They have the passion, they can talk to us, they’re very well connected.”

The new hires, Valdas said, are in the best shape of their lives.

They’re also the first ones they’ve hired.

“We are a very competitive organization,” he explained.

He said that the group will accept new hires for two months, after which they’ll begin to assess whether they fit within the trade club’s mission.

“When we have a new employee, we will make a decision on whether they can be part of the club,” he told HuffPost, adding that they’re willing to hire people with a wide range of experience.

If they’re accepted, they’ll be expected to help out in the office with their day-to-day responsibilities, like maintaining the site and doing research on other trades.

In the first two months of operation, the new staff will be expected on site, so that they can keep up with the trade clubs needs.

The new trade club will be based in El Escorial, a community in La Paz, El Salvador, about 80 miles southwest of San Antonio.

The community has a history of mining and silver trade, Valdess explained.

The trade club was founded in the mid-2000s and started selling silver and silver bars, which it sells in the United Sates and Mexico.

Valdess said that about a year ago, he started receiving reports from people who were seeing that they were seeing a spike in traffic on the site, particularly during holidays.

That led him to believe that people might be coming from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, or other countries with similar silver trade cultures.

“A lot of people, including me, thought that it was because of tourism,” Valdess told HuffPost in an interview.

“I don’t know why, but I think people were finding that it is an easier place to come and visit and spend money.”

The news came as a surprise to Valdes.

“People here have never seen anything like this,” he recalled.

“That was not in the past.

They haven’t seen anything that was like this.”

The first year, Valdespes and his team were able to sell approximately $10,000 worth of silver a day, he said, which would have been about $100,000 a year in 2016 dollars.

That’s when things started to slow down, Valdescas said.

He’s since seen the site’s monthly traffic decrease by more

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