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Telegrams have been banned from WhatsApp for an indefinite period as they threaten to disrupt the app’s services, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The commission has now put the brakes on the blockades, which were introduced in May to restrict WhatsApp users from sending or receiving messages that would be harmful to network operations.

The blocking of telegram messages in WhatsApp’s messaging app is the latest step in a broader crackdown by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FIA) against illegal and unsanctioned online speech.

The Federal Communications and Technology Authority (FCTA) also blocked access to WhatsApp for all users on a number of devices, including the iPhone and Android.

The ban, which was rolled out on March 21, also applies to the WhatsApp app on other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and LinkedIn’s mobile app.

Users who were not able to use WhatsApp, including those who were using it on other devices, were asked to re-register their accounts with the messaging app to continue receiving messages.

The move comes after a report by the Guardian revealed that the NSA’s Prism program, which collects data from Internet service providers and internet companies, was able to exploit vulnerabilities in WhatsApp to track users’ online activities.

The FBI also said it was “aware of an ongoing investigation” into the use of WhatsApp for illegal purposes, according a statement from the bureau.

While the ban does not apply to the majority of the WhatsApp users, it is aimed at the “extremely privileged few,” according to FCTA.

The bureau’s statement did not elaborate on the privileged few, saying the ban was “designed to ensure that WhatsApp continues to remain accessible to those with privileged access to information.”

WhatsApp was launched in March 2015 as a messaging app.

Its service was also designed to allow for encrypted messaging and encrypted messaging services.

Whatsapp allows users to send encrypted messages, but it is also widely used to facilitate anonymous conversations on the internet.

The company says it is designed to help people stay safe online and in real life, with security measures in place to protect people from identity theft, cyber attacks and other threats.

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