How to buy a trade for Bills football app on iOS and Android

You can get a trade in Bills football apps for iPhone, iPad and Android for as low as $1.79.

You can also get a free trade with the Bills for any mobile app for up to $5.95, which includes a free Buffalo Bills NFL Game Pass and the official Bills football game app.

In the past, the Bills have also offered free trades for the Buffalo Bills Bills App, Buffalo Bills app, Bills app for iPad, Buffalo Sabres app for Android, and Buffalo Bills App for iOS.

But that trade only applies to the app, not the game.

That means if you want to get a game pass, you need to pay $2.99 and then pay $4.99 per game pass to get it.

There’s a catch: You need to download the app on the device you want the trade for, so you need an account to trade for the Bills app.

You can’t trade for an iPhone, but you can trade for a mobile app.

You need an Apple ID to trade Bills for iOS, and if you don’t have an Apple account you can sign up to be a beta tester for the app.

If you’re a beta Tester you can get your first Bills Bills app download for free with an Apple device.

If your phone is older than the current version of the app you can buy a $10 Bills app upgrade for $9.99.

The $10 app upgrade also includes a Buffalo Bills football license.

If you’re new to the game, the app will ask you to select a team, which you can do either by clicking on “team” or “division.”

If you select a division, you can also pick your team’s home stadium and other details about the team.

You will also be able to see what apps you have downloaded on the phone or tablet, and then click “Sign in with my Apple ID” to access your account.

You’ll then see a screen where you can log in to the Bills football store, where you will see a trade offer and select the Bills Bills game app from the trade menu.

When you sign up for a beta, you’ll get an email from the team, with the option to buy the game or upgrade your account for $1 or $2 per week.

If the team doesn’t offer a game or app for a trade, you must sign up and buy the app or upgrade to a Premium plan.

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