Crypto coin exchange ‘not an ICO’

The official name of a crypto-currency exchange that was recently launched in Ecuador is not an ICO, according to an analysis by a leading bitcoin researcher.

According to the analysis, which was published on Monday, the name of the exchange, Kryptonite Trade, is a trademark of the CryptoCoins Exchange, a company that operates under the name KBTC.

CryptoCoins, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in Ecuador, had a pre-ICO on October 24, the day before its launch.

The exchange had raised $10 million in a premarket funding round.

Kryptonite was founded in 2015 by Pablo Andres Córdoba, an Ecuadoran businessman and entrepreneur who was also a former head of the Ministry of the Interior’s Secretariat of Communications.

The company was founded by Cóndoba’s wife, Carmen, and his three sons.

They have been working for the company for several years, according in the analysis.

Córdóas son Francisco, the company’s general manager, is also a founder of the crypto-currencies trading firm, BTC-E.

Córadóas wife is a partner at BTC-e, which also operates a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, and her son Francisco is a member of its board.

The crypto-coin exchange was founded with the goal of “providing an alternative to traditional money markets for trading in crypto currencies,” according to the company.

The company does not provide any trading platform, and it does not allow users to make any transactions on its platform.

Cárdós son, Francisco, is one of the co-founders of BTC-Ed, a cryptocurrency exchange that has been the target of criticism from many bitcoin critics.

Covid-19 has been linked to the deaths of several people in Ecuador and has been blamed on the country’s large mining community.

A mining pool, however, is not linked to any mining operation and has no connection to Córrdósa’s company.

“The cryptocurrency exchange is not a blockchain-based currency exchange.

The ICO on CryptoCointalk has nothing to do with the crypto coins,” said the analysis by Bitcoin Magazine, a prominent bitcoin website.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated in Ecuador.

Bitcoin, a digital currency that can be exchanged for bitcoin, was the most successful cryptocurrency in Ecuador in 2017, according the research.

It has more than doubled in value since then.

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